24 Kilates BKK “THE CLOCKWORK”: Patta x Jordan release.

18 June, 2019


Our relationship with Patta is no secret, growing together on this game with a common feeling, streets are part of our dna.
As we were helding the Patta x Jordan release, @edsonsabajo, our beloved friend and co-founder of the world-known Dutch brand came to visit us in our new @24kilatesbkk flagship store “The Clockwork”, a 4 story building located in Thonglor Soi 5 in Bangkok.
It was lit, over any expectation. We were so proud to share with him the inauguration of our most ambitious project in years.

We really hope to see you again soon Edson, thank you for everything!


Team 24 Kilates

Many thanks to Soul4Street BKK for the pictures & video!


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Nuestra amistad con Patta no es algo nuevo, desde los inicios creciendo juntos en este sector con un sentimiento común muy claro, las calles son parte de nuestro dna.
Con el motivo del release de Patta x Jordan, @edsonsabajo nuestro apreciado amigo y co-fundador de la marca Holandesa vino a visitar @24kilatesbkk en nuestra nueva tienda ’The Clockwork’. 4 plantas ubicadas en Thonglor Soi 5 de  Bangkok.
Gracias a todos los que pasaron, fue un éxito! Y gracias a Edson una vez más, esperamos verte pronto!

Equipo 24 Kilates

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