24 Kilates “The Clockwork” nominated for SBID International Design Awards

21 August, 2019

We are happy to announce that @externalreference project “The Clockwork” for @24kilatesbkk has been selected as a finalist in @the.sbid International Design Awards.
Years of dedication are paying back!


Extracted from the official awards web:

“Following External Reference’s ongoing collaboration with the 24 Kilates brand, The Clockwork is the most ambitious project yet: a four-storey flagship store in one of Bangkok’s unequivocally cool streets in the neighbourhood of ThongLor. Just as before came The Mine and before that the Vault, The Clockwork is a deep dive into the potential of gold, above and beyond luxury. The building was conceived as a giant robotic mechanism within which you can explore the complex and luxurious mechanisms that propel it. It was conceived as a sequence of unique spaces that drive the customer through its entrails, experiencing the different mechanisms and discovering different clothing the company sells. The Clockwork is highly detailed just as the inner mechanism of a clock, where every square centimeter is designed and thought.”

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