24 Kilates x Saucony GRID SD: “La Victoria”

7 October, 2019



From 24KILATES and SAUCONY we are happy to introduce you our new collaboration project, La Victoria.

Inspired by the first ship to circumnavigate the world. The 85 tone carrack was built on the Basque Country and was commanded by the explorer Ferdinand Magellan leaving Seville in 1519, and after his death returned by Juan Sebastián Elcano to Sanlúcar de Barrameda on 1522.

Working on the Grid SD silhouette, an exercise to build a sneaker with shoe finishings, we only used premium materials on “La Victoria”, a burnished light brown leather with contrasted dark brown pieces, both with a custom cross perforated pattern in some parts. The interior is lined with a red soft thin leather, even the insole. A white ripstop builds the tongue exterior as a reference to the ship sail.

A focused work on details such as extra zig-zag reinforcement stitching, brass grommets on side logo or a brass lace hook added to the lace system. 24Kilates crown logo is applied on an extra woven heel puller with the ship’s flag, and on the embroidered tongue label. A golden “La Victoria” logo is embossed on the heel piece. The pair comes in a special edition white box with red and gold embossed applications and a four color lace pack.

The release will be next October 11th on 24 Kilates Barcelona and Bangkok, only 500 pairs worldwide.

24kilates-saucony-lavictoria-campaign-2 24kilates-saucony-lavictoria-campaign-3 24kilates-saucony-lavictoria-campaign-424kilates-saucony-lavictoria-campaign-1

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