1 July, 2019

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The Crane Network project is a celebration of a 4-way collaboration between Afew, Rafik, Le Coq Sportif and 24 Kilates. Music and streetwear link up a worldwide friendship.
Discover our partners:
Meet RAFIK, the global poster child for technical DJing and German bass music ambassador.
Raised on Red Bull Music Academy until 2013 but on the DJ battles since 2002, he consolidates technical skills and a staggering ability to read his crowd meet original productions and remixes from China to Japan, from New York to Sydney, Moscow to Paris, he has spread his sounds around 5 continents.
Known as the most awarded DJ, Rafik is appreciated for bass and energetic sets, blending bass music with a hip hop mentality and just the right spice of technical finesse. His tunes have gained over a million plays on Spotify while his turntablism and performance videos grossed over 6 million views on Youtube.
@dj_rafik is one of our partners in this 3 way collaboration together with @afewstore and @lecoqsportif

afew_1 afew_2
Afew opened their doors in 2008 in Düsseldorf for the first time, building up a family business with self-made furniture and a small assortment of product, representing the ‘do it yourself’ philosophy. Located on the Düsseldorf’s Japanese quarter, the Asian inspiration surely marks a distinctive inspiration on their projects such as the ASICS Gel-Lyte III ‘Koi’ in 2015, an absolute success.
Some years later, one of their highlights was the Diadora V7000 ‘Highly Addictive’, another banger. Appart from the well-known collaborations, Afew is famous for their celebration on Japan Day every single year, where all the friends, family and neighbours join to praise the country’s culture.
One of our key partners from Europe and surely, a long-time relationship!