Vintage Nike Collector Talk: Luis Miguel Lozano

8 April, 2019

The atmosphere of the Air Max Day brought fresh air to the sneaker industry as well as a little bit of heritage empowerment to the people, as a lot of new editions of Nike’s all-time classics are dropping lately. Of course, when seeing old shoes the memories in the past come back really fast. Even though some of them are beginning to deteriorate, it’s impossible to get rid of them or sell them, and only because of the love of the shape or a specific colorway. For this shoe collector who is known as one of the King of Vintage Nike, there was an obvious starting point. Miguel Lozano talks and inquires about his rare passion that became an obsession.


Before saying nothing about the shoes, please introduce yourself to the reader.

I was born in 1976 in Murcia, Spain. I was fascinated by shoes since I remember them. And I was fortunate to possess the iconic 80′s iconic sneaker. Since then, I have always been in sports and sneakers.

How long have you accumulated shoes?

I think it should be around the year 1997-98. I don’t know if there will be anyone who collects vintage shoes. But at that time I was crazy for the Jordan 1 Metallic Blue Air, it was my first Nike version at the age of 12, and -lucky me- I found it again! Then followed to look for other models that have been wearing and some versions that I wanted in the past but had not been able to find any of that time!

How many vintage Nike shoes do you have? And why do you like collecting old shoes?

I can’t remember the exact numbers, but it is nearby 2,000 pairs (if including both new and vintage versions). Specifically, I like to collect vintage shoes because, in my opinion, the foundation of the brand is hidden in the first designs, then Nike began to develop various models that I also liked. They have been revolutionary since the beginning, which makes us mindful about the design and the meaning hidden in old shoes


Which pair do you think it’s the most expensive?

This one I can’t remember it as well. (But not a lot If compared to the price of this shoe era)

Old shoes: Where do these come from?

In general, it will come from travel. Going crazy and trying to find old shoe stores, that usually have stock remains, and some of them can be found on eBay as well.

If you have the opportunity to participate in the design work of an Air Max shoe, which model would you choose to do and with which idea?

Wow, that is more than a dream. Of course, it must be an Air Max 1 (the old model, the first big air). I have some design ideas but … You will know how they are when my collaborations will be released, haha!

The pair you like the most now?

This one is difficult to tell which one as my collection is famous for those rare vintage shoes, but then,  I enjoy wearing new shoes as well. If taking the favourites from the past month and a pair that I wear often, there are 3 models: Nike Skylon 2, Nike Tailwind 79 and Nike ACG Dog Mountain.

Nike Learning Week

What do you think of the sneaker industry today?

The industry changed since a while ago. And there’s something I would really like to change: this industry lacks “freedom.” The new generation should be taught to have their own way of deciding what to like, what to buy, what to accumulate, but now what you find is thousands of teenagers all with the same “hyped” shoes. Does everyone like all the same models? Why is this happening?

And these are the Top 20 Vintage shoes that Luis Miguel Lozano chose for us. (At first, we only asked a Top 10, but he said that he could do Top 20 with no problems)

1. Air Jordan 1


2. Nike Air Max 1987IMG_7593 IMG_9200

3. Nike Air TrainerScreen Shot 2562-03-29 at 15.23.3430920475_912612915586958_8867136836460347392_n

4. Nike Air Mariah


5. Nike Air Pegasus PlusScreen Shot 2562-03-29 at 15.05.39

6. Nike Marathon (1972), 7. Nike Roadrunner (1979), 8. Nike Oregon Waffle (1974)065 (2)

9. Nike Air Max 88, 10. Nike Air Max 88 ( Air Max Light 1988)jumiArchives49858197_385874698835618_1681247313237189486_n

11. Nike Air Windrunner (1987)  25005889_1898408520186457_5175713712287252480_n

12. Nike Cram Vendetta 1985, Screen Shot 2562-03-29 at 14.56.5649845477_1942737712688077_284986684821972617_n

13. Nike Vortex  _CAN6306

14. Nike Pegasus GX 1985Screen Shot 2562-03-29 at 15.09.46

15. Nike DaybreakScreen Shot 2562-03-29 at 15.10.32

16. Nike Legend 198114128894_319477041739455_1934244589_n01010101

17 Nike Terminator 1984Screen Shot 2562-03-29 at 15.19.40

18. Nike Alpha Force, 19. Nike Air Revolution050 (2)

20. Nike ACG Mowabb Screen Shot 2562-03-29 at 15.25.29 copy